• Little Jewels, a feeder kindergarten of Jain International School now at CLARKE TOWN !!!


  • Class Room
    Class Room
  • Class Room
    Class Room
  • Play Area
    Play Area
  • School Premises
    School Premises
  • Activity Room
    Activity Room
  • Graduation Ceremony 2016-17
    Graduation Ceremony 2016-17
  • Biennial Concert 2016-17
    Biennial Concert 2016-17
  • Biennial Concert 2016-17
    Biennial Concert 2016-17
  • Biennial Concert 2016-17
    Biennial Concert 2016-17
  • Class room
    Class room
  • Assembly
  • Splash Pool
    Splash Pool
  • Mess Facility
    Mess Facility
  • Art & Craft
    Art & Craft
  • Farm Visit
    Farm Visit
  • Talk of the Week - 'Olympics'
    Talk of the Week - 'Olympics'
  • Grand Parent's Day
    Grand Parent's Day
  • Skating
  • Music
  • Graduation Ceremony
    Graduation Ceremony
  • Biennial Sports Day
    Biennial Sports Day

Little Jewels, Khare Town & Clarke Town are feeder kindergartens of Jain International School. They are managed by Sir Shantilal Badjate Charitable Trust, which also runs Jain International School, Nagpur (A CBSE school) and S. B. Jain Institute of Technology, Management & Research, Nagpur.

Little Jewels is a place where children learn, play and grow. It’s not just a kindergarten but a home, full of love and affection to ensure the physical, mental, emotional, cognitive and social development of every young mind. Our aim is to encourage children to be self disciplined, innovative, caring, tolerant, honest and friendly. We, at Little Jewels strive to provide a secure and happy learning environment to the children.

Parents are apprehensive about the new environment they are sending their child into. The young mind is flexible, sensitive and is influenced and shaped by events in the outside world. Most of what children learn is acquired by exploring, playing with and observing the relation between objects.

Our teaching methodology is an inter-disciplinary approach and derives a lot from the Montessori and Play Way methods. Every concept taught is interwined with concepts of other subjects; that makes learning more effective and retentive. We focus a lot on gross and fine motor skills development through our Montessori activities and teach through play and activities. In this manner, we strive to create a joyful, stress free and effective learning environment for the child. For us each child is special and different. At all times, we keep the self-esteem of the child upper most in our mind and try to do justice to all aspects of learning.

Vision Statement
Our Vision is to ensure that every child attains the knowledge, skill, understanding and motivation to be successful in life while honoring cultural diversity and individual learning style.


Mission Statement
Our Mission is to provide a safe learning environment and an excellent academic foundation that includes a variety of developmentally appropriate, innovative and challenging experiences, designed to encompass all aspects of growth.

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